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Gray, Harry B.


Arnold O. Beckman Professor of Chemistry; Founding Director, Beckman Institute


Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division


B.S., Western Kentucky College, 1957; Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1960; D.Sc.h.c., Northwestern University; University of Rochester; University of Chicago; University Paul Sabatier(France); Göteborg University; University of Pennsylvania; Bowling Green State University; University of Arizona; Colombia University; Oberlin College; Carleton University (Canada); University of South Carolina; University of Copenhagen; University of Edinburgh; Occidental College; Simon Fraser University; Carleton College; Fil.dr.h.c., Gothenburg University; Bowling Green State University; Laurea h.c., University of Florence; D.L.h.c., Illinois Wesleyan University; Ph.D.h.c., Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel); Visiting Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Caltech, 1965; Professor of Chemistry, 1966-81; William R. Kenan Professor, 1976-81; Beckman Professor, 1981-. Chairman, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 1978-84; Director, Beckman Institute, 1986-2001; Founding Director, 2001-.


Committee Member