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Explore samples organized by use cases based around Caltech People and Groups. Each set is organized into base problem, solution approach, code example. The code examples includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript for embedding the results in your webpages. An additional set of older examples looks at using “JSON” and “HTML include” feed formats.

Explore samples

If you want to skip programming try our experimental Builder Widget can be used to generate the HTML and JavaScript you need to include our content in your webpage. The year list example shows the type of code it generates.

Feed Formats available

This site supports six content formats for each feed provided. The formats are JSON, Markdown, HTML, HTML include, BibTeX and RSS. The easiest to use is probably HTML include. You can cut and paste the version into an existing webpage as is. It is however not terribly flexible beyond inserting into an existing web page and styling the CSS classes and attributes.

Flexible feed formats

Aggregations available

This site aggregates content from Caltech Library repositories.

Each repository system also breaks down its publications into types. E.g CaltechAUTHORS hosts articles, books and book sections, conference proceedings publication types; CaltechTHESIS includes thesis and dissertations; CaltechDATA hosts dataset and source code associated with groups and individual do research at Caltech. We provide a one stop shop for content and format (e.g. we include JSON versions of all the content we harvest). For each individual repository we provided a combined view of the contents types as well as individual aggregations of types. We provide this grouped by both Caltech People and Groups.