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Welcome to Caltech Library’s aggregated feeds


Caltech Library operates a number of repositories including repositories for thesis and dissertations, journal articles and publications and scientific data, models and software. This site seeks to bring that content together in a manner to encourage re-use in websites and projects.

Including feed content is a easy as using our Builder Widget and pasting the HTML/JavaScript into your web page.


Content is aggregated around

Inside “groups” and “people” you’ll find an alphabetical listing of links to individual groups and people. Clicking through will bring you to that group or person’s profile page showing links to that various individuals feeds like articles, publications, data, models and software.

Update frequency

The feeds are update nightly Monday through Friday.

Samples, examples and formats

Feeds are available in a many formats indicated by their file extension. Supported formats are - HTML, HTML include, Markdown, BibTeX, JSON and RSS. See samples for details.


Caltech Library’s CaltechPEOPLE list includes Caltech-associated faculty, staff, and students. CaltechPEOPLE is not complete; if you would like to be added provide your information here. You need to provide a Caltech email address, an ORCID identifier (available for free at If you want your scholarly publications to populate, you will also need to include the identifier listed in CaltechAUTHORS.