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Welcome to Caltech Library’s aggregated feeds


Caltech Library operates a number of repositories including repositories for thesis and dissertations, journal articles and publications and scientific data, models and software. This site seeks to bring that content together in a manner to encourage re-use in websites and projects.

Including feed content is a easy as using one of our Widgets and pasting the HTML/JavaScript into your web page.


Content is aggregated around

Inside “groups” and “people” you’ll find an alphabetical listing of links to individual groups and people. Clicking through will bring you to that group or person’s profile page showing links to that various individuals feeds like articles, publications, data, models and software. You’ll also find a link to “recent”. Recent is like the groups, people and person feeds but with listings capped at the 25 most recent items. All feeds are sorted in descending publication date order.


Each feed is available in the following formats - HTML, HTML include, Markdown, BibTeX, JSON and RSS. Each format is indicated by it’s file extension.

HTML, web page markup
HTML Include, an HTML fragment suitable for including in another website
Markdown, described in Wikipedia as “a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. Its design allows it to be converted to many output formats”
BibTeX, LaTeX’s bibliographic data format
JSON, a light weight structured data representation
RSS 2, a widely adopted feed format used by news readers and aggregation systems

Supported Redirects

This site supports two types of HTML page redirects in order to help prior users find their content with the recent reorganization of this site.

If you know a person’s ORCID you can use /person/ORCID to get to their profile via a URL redirect. An example for ORCID 0000-0003-1647-1918 the URL would be and this will redirect to

If you know a group’s name then you can use /group/GROUP_NAME to get to the /groups/GROUP_ID holding the content. E.g. the group called “Keck Institute for Space Studies” you could use the URL Institute for Space Studies to get to

Update frequency

The feeds are update nightly Monday through Friday.


The Builder Widget is provided to help make it easier to embed content from this site into your own web page.

Samples, examples and formats

A more detailed set explanations is included along with our example content, code samples, and format discussions. See samples for details.