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Welcome to Caltech Library’s aggregated feeds


Content is organized around

Inside “group” and “person” you’ll find an alphabetical listing of links to individual groups and perons. Clicking through will bring you to that group or person page showing links to any articles (i.e. journal articles), publications (a publication list excluding journal articles) and data (sciencific data and software hosted in CaltechDATA). You’ll also find a link to “recent”. This recent link is limited to the specific group or person. All feeds are sorted in descending date order. Recent is like the group and person feeds but with limited listings of the 25 most recent items.

Each feed is available in the following formats - HTML, HTML include (suitable for pulling into another system), BibTeX, JSON and RSS (many CMS like Wordpress and Drupal can work with RSS content). Each format is indicated by it’s file extension (e.g. .html, .include, .bib, .json and .rss).

Update frequency

The feeds are update nightly Monday through Friday.

Get lists

If you want to build a navigator it is handy to have a list of the available groups and persons. This is provided as JSON documents.


We also include a few samples of using JavaScript to include our feed content. See samples for details.