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Prince, Thomas A

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Ira S. Bowen Professor of Physics, Emeritus


Physics, Math and Astronomy Division


B.S., Villanova University, 1970; M.S., University of Chicago, 1972; Ph.D., 1978. Research Fellow, Caltech, 1979-80; Robert A. Millikan Research Fellow, 1980-82; Senior Research Fellow, 1982-83; Assistant Professor, 1983-86; Associate Professor, 1986-92; Professor, 1992-16; Bowen Professor, 2017-21; Bowen Professor, Emeritus, 2021-; Davis Leadership Chair, 2017-23; Associate Director, Advanced Computer Research, 1995-2001; Director, Keck Institute for Space Studies, 2008-23; Chief Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 2001-06; Jet Propulsion Laboratory Senior Research Scientist, 2006-21; Deputy Executive Officer, 2013-16.

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