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Advisor: Niemann, Carl G.

Thesis and Dissertations from CaltechTHESIS

  1. Electrolyte concentration studies](; 10.7907/SZB4-EM75
  1. The Interaction of α-Methyl-α-Acylamino Acids with α-Chymotrypsin.
  2. The Apparent Ionization Constants of a Series of Phenylalanine Derivatives](; 10.7907/GJ3M-A585
  1. The Oxidation of 3-Indoleacetic Acid by Plant Enzymes. III. The Synthesis of Some α-Alkyl α-Amino Acids and Their Derivatives](; 10.7907/PC3Z-A208
  1. Studies on the Synthesis of Actidione](; 10.7907/T35B-D641
  1. Genetic Factors Influencing the Activity of Tryptophane Desmolase in Neurospora crassa](; 10.7907/4Y9X-NZ51
  1. The Ultraviolet Absorption of Some O-Benzoyl Compounds](; 10.7907/gshw-sd89
  1. The Preparation of Fluorinated Analogues of Tyrosine and Thyronine.
  2. The Preparation of Isomers and Analogues of Thyroxine with Relation to a Proposed Hypothesis of the Relationship Between Structure and Thyroxine-Like Activity. IV. A Carotenoid from Bovine Spinal Cord. V. Studies on the Structure of Sphingosine. VI. The Length Muscles of the Holothurians (a Summary)](; 10.7907/MND7-0F42