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McConnell, Harden M.

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McConnell, Harden M. (1951) I. Investigation of possible interactions between thallium (I) and thallium (III)in solution and in the crystalline thallium sesqui-halides. II. Spectrophotometric investigations of the copper (II) chloro-complexes in aqueous solutions of unit ionic strength. III. Optical interaction between the chloro-complexes of copper (I) and copper (II) in solutions of unit ionic strength. Interpretations of the spectral absorption of a copper (I) - copper (II) dichloro-complex. IV. Spectrophotometric investigation of the interaction between iron (II) and iron (III) in hydrochloric acid solutions (Dissertation (Ph.D)), California Institute of Technology doi: 10.7907/M9F6-ZC83